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What’s Good about WordPress?

There are a lot of things that WordPress, the widely used content management system for blogs and websites, has going for it. Here are just a few: 1. It’s DIY. If you are tech-savy you can set up and maintain a WordPress site yourself. If you’re not so inclined, however, West Design can set up […]

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Color Theory 101

Color Theory 101 – or – I See the Light! This is just a brief overview of the science of color, a complex and technical subject, but I  thought you might like to know the basics. Color originates in light. The light that comes from the sun is “full-spectrum” white light which contains all colors […]

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Owning Your Designs

I worked with a client whose website was originally designed by another designer, who also had designed some marketing pieces for her business. Since the time the website and print materials were created, the designer had moved away and was not responding to emails or phone calls; plus, the people who were in control of […]

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Why Hire a Pro

I had a client for whom I did a website re-design a number of years ago. Since then the client had been having the site maintained by an employee, in-house, in an effort to save money. That’s all well and good, but the quality of the site had been gradually eroding—margins around content had disappeared, […]

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