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Right now is a good time to think about redoing your website, taking the plunge to have a brand new WordPress site created, or having some custom business cards or a brochure designed, or…(what’s on your list?)

Busy people often have a hard time finding time for projects like those mentioned above—under normal circumstances. But there is no time like the present!

I work online with clients all of the time. Some of them, I’ve never even met in person. Others like the face-to-face interaction. I’m good with either. (Right now—online is a good thing.) 🙂

Let’s get some stuff done! Just give me a call, or text me if I can help. (Diane @ 541.944.4875)

Use our web design expertise to put your business on the right course…

Web Design Medford Oregon

We want you to look good. A professional website design presents your company’s products and services in an attractive, organized way, giving your potential customers the best first impression. Not only that, but a well-designed site will enable your customers to find the information they’re looking for—painlessly— reinforcing their positive first impression of you.

Web design Medford Oregon

Responsive designs adapt to any device

Do you want people to find you on the Web? Having a website is just the first step. West Design can help you take your website to the next level; help you focus your site for your target market, and using proven SEO (search engine optimization) techniques and strategies, get your site seen by your intended audience. We can connect your website with your blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts, etc.

Let us help you grow your business and reach more customers. We provide website designs that can be expanded, adding additional information, features and functionality, such as a shopping cart or a slideshow, as your business grows. By using a WordPress responsive theme we can make sure your site is easily found and read on all of the ubiquitous mobile devices of today.

Let’s Build Your Brand.

It's about time! Web design Medford Oregon

It’s about time!

Of course, the Web isn’t the only way to reach customers. West Design can help you carry your “brand” from your website to your business cards and brochures, signs or promotional items —whatever printed materials your business needs. Visit our Portfolio to see how West Design has integrated many of our clients’ websites and print collateral to create unified, professional business branding.

If your business needs help with web or graphic design in Medford, Oregon, or anywhere, for that matter, you can count on West Design to have the expertise your business can’t do without, at a price you can afford. Call today – 541.944.4875 – or contact Diane for more information and a free initial 1-hour consultation.

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